I have worked with Gail Whiting for over 20 years in two of my homes, from kitchen design and furniture and drapery selection to complete construction and design of a finished basement.

Gail has a wonderful sense of taste, design and color. She also listens to my needs and is able to work within my parameters. I wouldn’t think of doing any design or decoration project without her.


Gail “awakened” a creative side that I didn’t think I had. We are able to use pieces that I thought I had to put away forever. She made our home warm, cozy and inviting.

  Essex Fells 

I’m rereading your note regarding your visit with Kimon and Margaret and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. They received the advice that they needed and felt comfortable interacting with you (why am I not surprised!). I’m nostalgic about the years we’ve known each other and it heartens me to see that relationship spill over to the next generation.

  Warren, NJ 

The designing, planning and implementation of our Park Avenue gut renovation exceeded all our expectations. Your taste level is impeccable pulling a variety of lighting options, cabinet designs, furniture, kitchen concepts, bathroom designs, colors and fabrics that greatly enhanced the beauty of our home. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with you and you worked well with our GC and all construction crew members. Thank you!

  New York City 

Gail Whiting has designed the interior of my entire home over the past ten years. She is creative in her designs and imaginative in her solutions to design problems. Gail respects her client’s likes and dislikes, and interprets them to the best possible result. She is fair, honest, organized, true to her word, and loyal. The Design Consultants staff as well as all of the craftsmen and subcontractors are of the highest quality and have been with Gail for many years. These fine people with talent and integrity have given my husband and me the warm beautiful home we were seeking.

  Far Hills