Thinking Color

April 21st, 2015|Uncategorized|

Color- is here to stay- grays and yellows are coming to the forefront and emerald greens and purples, however, in design it is what is appropriate for the client and the project. We never ever want to create designs that will date themselves- there is nothing worse than to enter a space and know when it was done: the mauve period, or the Santa Fe overdone look, etc. Design should be classic and by that I mean whatever style, i.e. modern, eclectic, traditional, it should be done in long lasting colors- a mixture of elements that are long wearing. For example, it you are doing modern, you don’t want to have hard lines and glass and chrome throughout. You need to soften some of the edges and put some warm woods and textures. Don’t be afraid of color. Think out of the box- you will be pleasantly surprised by what can be created.